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meaning of the name Dior

meaning of the name "Dior"

Dior is a name that has been growing in popularity over the years, particularly for girls. It is a name with a rich history and meaning that has been embraced by many parents seeking to give their child a unique and meaningful name. In this post, we'll explore the meaning behind the name Dior, its origins, and how it has evolved over time.

The Origins of the Name Dior

The name Dior is of French origin and is derived from the French surname Dior. The surname is believed to have originated from the Latin word "deaurare," which means "to gild" or "to decorate." The name Dior was first popularized as a given name by the fashion designer Christian Dior, who founded the fashion house that bears his name in 1946.

The Meaning Behind the Name Dior

The name Dior has several meanings, depending on its origin and interpretation. In French, the name means "golden" or "gilded." It can also be interpreted as "divine," "heavenly," or "of the gods." Additionally, some sources suggest that the name Dior may have Celtic origins and could mean "oak tree."

The name Dior is often associated with luxury, elegance, and sophistication. This is largely due to the fashion house founded by Christian Dior, which has become synonymous with high fashion and luxury goods. As a given name, Dior is often chosen by parents who want to give their child a name that evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Famous People with the Name Dior

Aside from Christian Dior, there are few well-known people with the name Dior. However, there are several notable individuals who have used Dior as a stage name or nickname. One example is the American rapper La'Ron Louis James, who performs under the stage name Juelz Santana. He often goes by the nickname "Dior" in reference to his love of the luxury fashion brand.

Popularity of the Name Dior

The name Dior has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly for girls. In 2020, the name was ranked #857 for girls' names in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration. This marks a significant increase in popularity since the 1980s when the name was virtually unheard of.

Why Choose the Name Dior?

There are several reasons why parents might choose the name Dior for their child. For some, it is the association with luxury and elegance that makes the name appealing. Others may be drawn to the name's French origins and the sense of sophistication and refinement that comes with it.

Additionally, the name Dior has a unique sound and spelling that sets it apart from more common names. For parents who want to give their child a distinctive name, Dior can be an excellent choice.


The name Dior has a rich history and meaning that make it a popular choice for parents seeking a unique and meaningful name for their child. Whether it's the association with luxury and elegance, the French origins, or the unique sound and spelling, there are many reasons why Dior has become a beloved name for many parents. As the popularity of the name continues to grow, it's clear that Dior will remain a timeless and elegant choice for years to come.

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