The 10 most used Younique makeup products

 Top 10 Younique Makeup Products

Top 10 Younique Makeup Products

The Younique brand is famous in the United States for its cosmetic products, including makeup. Thanks to the popular opinion of Beauty Bloggers, Professional Makeup Artists and other users on social networks, we managed to list this list of the 10 most used Younique makeup products that every person who loves makeup should try.

Like any makeup brand, Younique offers options for all tastes and skin types. You can do your Younique makeup without guilt, because this brand does not test on animals.

this brand does not test on animals

¿What are the 10 most used Younique makeup products?

1. Younique Makeup Base

Younique Makeup Base

Countless people recommend Younique makeup for their facial skin products. In particular, the TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation is acclaimed for its natural finish and medium coverage, it is perfect to work in layers and build your ideal base.

Also, the YOUNIQUE TOUCH spray foundation is very light and covers any imperfections, leaving a hydrated skin. The finish is very similar to when using makeup with Airbrush.

If you don't like to get too complicated and want versatile Younique makeup, you can use the YOUNIQUE TOUCH stick foundation, a foundation stick that serves to cover a little in every place you want and then blend until you achieve beautiful and fresh skin. Best of all, you can use it as a concealer too.

2. First Younique


To choose your first idea you must know your skin better, there are even people who use different primers depending on the texture of the parts of the face.

Younique has a variety of Primer for all skin types.

The TOUCH GLORIOUS mattifying face primer is ideal for oily skin or if you are going through a moment of oily skin, it allows a matte finish for hours.

If, on the other hand, you have dry skin, Younique has the TOUCH GLORIOUS hydrating face primer, which will help to achieve a moist and smooth finish on your foundation.

For people with combination skin, the best option will be to try the TOUCH GLORIOUS face primer, a balanced primer that will provide a smooth texture to your skin.

3. Younique Eyebrow Pencil

Younique Eyebrow Pencil

To define the shape of the eyebrows and obtain an almost hair-by-hair result, the MOODSTRUCK sculpt and style brow pencil by Younique is ideal. It has two sides, one with the crayon or eyebrow pencil and on the other a brush to define them and then blur them. There are several hot and cold shades with which you can color your eyebrows.

4. Younique Eyeshadow Palettea

Younique Eyeshadow Palettea

The phrase "for tastes, colors" works very well in this case. Since, there is a range of colors in Younique makeup for different styles. You can work with pressed Powder Eyeshadow that are not powdery and have great coverage, you don't have to brush over for hours to have a divine result.

And, as they cannot be missing, there are Younique liquid shadows too. These liquid shadows have vibrant colors, especially Metallics and Shimmers that will give an elegant shine to your eyes. They can even be used to outline and give that Pop of Color that is sometimes needed.

5. Younique loose powder

Younique loose powder

For a good Younique makeup kit, the presence of a loose powder is necessary, since these are very soft and light, but they stay on the face for many hours. With a subtle application together with a soft hair brush, you already have matte skin for the rest of the day.

6. Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub

Nobody likes to finish their makeup, put on that lipstick that we like so much and see cracks in the result. Say goodbye to cracks with this handy scrub that comes in pencil form, it's like you're painting your lips, but it gently removes impurities without making a mess on your face.

Exfoliate your lips and take advantage of that vibrant lipstick that you like so much.

7. Bronzer & Blusher

7. Bronzer & Blusher

Nothing like spicing up our skin with a Bronzer and a Blush. In Younique makeup there are very soft and pigmented powder options, with Shimmers particles or totally matte that will give a special touch to those cheeks.

8. Younique brushes

8. Younique brushes

There are different models of brushes for each use in Younique makeup, you will find cat tongues for concealer, abundant brushes for powders and small balls to blend among others.

9. Younique eyeliner

Younique eyeliner

No Glam makeup is finished without an eyeliner. Whether you like subtle, barely noticeable eyeliner or Cat Eye and its variants, you can use Younique's DRIP & DRAP eyeliner for your makeup.

10. 4D Eyelash Mask

4D Eyelash Mask

The MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara is a mascara with a volume effect and natural frizz that makes lashes look much longer and separated from each other.

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