What are the Japanese Social Networks

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What are the Japanese Social Networks

Although there are social networks that are used in much of the world, in countries like Japan others are used that are not as well known in other parts, but that in the Japanese country are quite common and with increasing numbers of users every day. Let's talk about some of them.


It is that perhaps the most used messaging application in Japan, but it also gives you
a large number of activities to do within the application, such as doing
free calls or video calls, customize it to your liking and style, it also gives you the
option to publish your photos and receive comments from your friends.
This application was created in 2011, after the devastating tsunami that
shook the Japanese, with the main objective of keeping communications to
employees, then it was launched to the market with a great reception since in 2 years
had 200 million users

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One of the reasons why this app is so popular in this country is because
its developers are Japanese and citizens are much more attracted to its
local products above foreign ones, this does not mean that the market
international has no place in the country, but they will always choose their own
before what comes from other nations. Another reason why it motivates both
people to use this social network is the fact that you should not give your number
phone, simply with a QR code or through an identification you can
What are the beatiful Japanese Social Networks


 It is the social network used to watch, listen, share and upload videos in Japan. It was
launched on December 12, 2006 and has 3 languages: Japanese, Chinese and English.
If you want to be part of this community you must register and log in

 The name NICONIC is a
onomatopoeia of laughter and the word douga
means video, currently has
approximately 53 million
users and each month receives about 338
million views. It is of interest to
Japanese since it allows them to give
comments in real time, as well as see
live and follow your favorite stars,
It also allows them to interact with each other.
otakus who draw a lot of attention
because it allows them to talk about anime everything
as long as they want and players online
or even put labels and opinions
directly on the videos. It's the place
where the Japanese enjoy watching jokes,
games, dances, concerts, music, anime scenes and much of the popular and
rising Japanese pop culture.
At any time you can enter your comment on a video and choose the
text position, color and color. In addition to being able to see the comments of other
people and the time they will appear in the video or if you want you can do
part of the Premium users and have exclusive functions and advantages for this
There are several functions within NICONIC such as:
- Mylist system: which allows you to have about 25 folders with all your videos
favorites, according to the categories you choose
- NICONIC LIVE: Where you can follow the lives of your favorite celebrities
- NICONIC SEIGA: It is a community of illustrators, of which you can
learn different subjects.
- NICONIC PEDIA: It is an encyclopedia, within the social network that
It will allow you to delve into topics of your interest.
If you have already had the opportunity to use this social network, tell us what your
experience and if you would recommend it.
japanese social network



mobage japanese

 It is a social network and a game portal, which
allows you to share all the games you find
created, as well as invite your friends to play and
compete with them to see who is the best,
In addition to being able to shop online for
improve your game and the characters that are in
they. You can enjoy all of them through
your phone or through computers and
It was initially released as MOBAGE TOWN in 2006 and on March 28
In 2011 its name was changed and it was left alone as MOBAGE.
There you can find the games grouped into different categories for you to choose from
which one do you like the most. Some of these categories are: love, sports careers,
adventure, role play, simulation, action, puzzle and learning.
This year a great campaign was carried out through other platforms and networks
social to commemorate with its users the fifteenth anniversary, which
featured special events and exclusive gifts within the games.
If you have ever used any of the applications mentioned in this article,
tell us how it went, were you able to meet people from other parts of the world who
They will also enjoy these platforms.


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