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 5 remedies to improve the health of your skin

5 remedies to improve the health of your skin

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There are many types of skin, influenced by nutritional, environmental or genetic factors. Although there are several options on the market to promote good skin health, it is important to understand that each product responds to a specific problem.

Take into account the following tips and make the best decision.

1. Acne or oily problems. Acne is a skin disorder that arises when the hair follicles are clogged by oil and dead cells. Tip: You can use salicylic acid, either in the form of pads, creams, lotions or gels. This is responsible for reducing swelling and redness; it also opens the pores, avoiding the obstruction of the skin that favors the appearance of acne.

2. Aging of the skin. The most common signs that indicate that this process has already begun are lines or wrinkles, in addition to the loss of volume and elasticity of the skin. Tip: Creams derived from vitamin A (such as retinol) have shown anti-aging effects, by improving the maintenance of the epidermis and dermis.

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3. Dry skin. In these cases, the skin is usually tight, pale and cracked. The reasons range from poor hydration, a dry environment, not washing hands frequently or suffering from skin changes. Tip: Experts recommend using alpha hydroxy acids, capable of stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. You can also use honey.

4. Mixed skin. This case arises from alterations in the susceptibility of the skin, depending on the areas of the face. The areas with the greatest presence of fat are usually: forehead, nose and chin, which is known as the T zone. The rest of the skin can vary between a normal or dry state. Tip: One option is hyaluronic acid, which can hydrate skin and smooth the finest lines, without feeling greasy.

5. Hyperpigmentation. This happens when certain areas of our skin have an overproduction of melanin. Tip: You can use hydroquinone, a kind of powder that reduces the number of melanocytes. Another option is tea tree oil in the form of a cream, cleanser, or essential oil.

¿How to lift sagging skin?

To know how to firm sagging skin, we must first know its causes. Sagging occurs when there is a lack of firmness and volume in the skin, giving it a "droopy" appearance. The two most common causes of sagging skin are the passage of time and an unhealthy lifestyle.

¿How does the passage of time influence the sagging of the skin?

The passage of time influences the firmness of the skin in two important ways. As we get older, the structure of the different layers of the skin changes, decreasing the ability of the skin to support itself, its elasticity and its volume.

These changes translate into flaccidity, especially in the area of:

The neck
Cheeks no longer look high and full, but appear shorter and deflated.
The jaw
The jaw line loses definition and the corners of the mouth point down instead of up, giving a more severe appearance to the facial expression.

On the body, less firm skin can be seen on biceps, thighs and even abdomen, changing the silhouette.

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