What is Younique cosmetics

 ¿What is Younique cosmetics?

What is Younique cosmetics

It is a company that was born in September 2012 by the hand of a pair of siblings Melanie Huscroft and Derek Maxfield, in order to support the Younique foundation that helps victims of abuse. The main advantage that this company has is the fact that it allows its customers a very simplified and comfortable digital sale, accompanied by virtual meetings, as well as technological assistance in the event that any of the persons who purchased your products as required and best of all from anywhere in the world and using a mobile phone.

It is a company that reflects the everyday woman and housewife, which despite all daily commitments want to look good and look natural. All this offered by Younique as they take into account even the smallest detail, be it the design of your catalogs, packaging of your products, view of your page web and even the pendants that are awarded to their presenters for obtaining achievements within the company. 

Something that identifies them and makes them stand out within the makeup industry is the fact that, unlike others, they present their products through simple women and not with super models of international stature, with whom the Most of us do not feel identified and do not reflect our tastes at all.

 Another reason this makeup line stands out is the fact that many of its ingredients are of natural origin, which provides security since they are compatible with almost all skin types and do not generate any type of reaction adverse, in addition to the fact that animal testing by them is not allowed nor from their manufacturers, one more point to prefer them.

Among the products offered are:

- Make-up

Based mainly on the area of the eyes, lips and skin of the face.

1. Eyes: in this we find shadows, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliners, primers and kits.

2. Lips: within which are included glosses, inks, eyeliners, lipsticks and even products for the care of this area of the face.

3. Face: perhaps the line that has products such as foundations, highlighters and contours, primers, bronzers and blushes, fixing products, correctors, bb cream and product kits.

the area of the eyes, lips and skin of the face.

- Skin care

These products can be customized and chosen according to the care needs you want. YOU-OLOGY: is the skin care line that allows you to select the products you want to use according to the type of skin you have, your age or even the area you want to take care of. Other products that you can find are cleansers, masks, moisturizers, serums, with sunscreen, toning and even specialized products so that take complete care of your complexion.

- Fragrances


With a floral scent line, these sweet lotions will make you stand out wherever you go and without a doubt you will feel your skin much fresher, at the same time that you feel the aroma of love, as these fragrances are inspired by their co-founder Melanie.

- Accesorios

Mainly based on brushes and brushes for the use of the different products, such as eye and lip brushes or face brushes, as well as sponges and applicators and an eye-catching cleanser from these spray accessories for that are kept clean and in perfect condition.

younique Accesorios

 - Collections and sets

Whether it is sets for the face, lips, eyes or if you prefer brushes and brushes, you can Find complete kits and everything you are looking for to look amazing.

Collections and sets


- Beachfront 

It is based mainly for the summer and beach time, since it gives you moisturizing and protecting the skin on these sunny days at the same time that leaves you a beautiful Sun tanning.


- Moodstruck 

Moodstruck Younique cosmetics

It is a line of beauty that is based on highlighting your features and all parts of your face with color, shine and attitude. Focuses on eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips.

- Touch

Down this line we found the bases, primers, highlighters and company fixers, that will help the skin all your face look much more mate and than you makeup lasts long longer, in addition to that prevents them from being noticed blemishes, blemishes and acne.

Down this line we found the bases, primers

If you want to buy these products but you still don't know what your base tones are, primer and powder or even lipstick and blush, the official website of the brand has with a beauty guide that helps you with the selection process of the tone of makeup that matches your skin color, as well as gives you tips that They guide you in this way the correct selection of shadows, lipsticks and blushes that compact with you, all you have to do is take a photo or select one from your gallery and upload it, and select the tone of each of the products and that's it. Cheer up use them and tell us how it went.

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