A company called MARY KAY

A company called MARY KAY

It is an American company created in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, which stands out in the world of cosmetics by the direct sale of products and at the same time make a profit from your marketing. As well as the fact that in his founding moment empowered women because it offered jobs for them and the financial management of your future. Beauty consultants, as they are known who are dedicated to the distribution of these cosmetics, in addition to acquiring extra money for the sale of makeup they also earn a percentage for each person close to them who also become a consultant and to train part of this group must purchase a starter kit that gives them the possibility of working in a indefinite with the company.

Something that today worries and calls a lot attention within the people who consume beauty products, is that all these are not tested on animals and much unless they are affected or injured while obtaining the ingredients of these cosmetics, so in 1989 the Mary Kay company decided to sign the PETA agreement, influenced by animalists of the time who showed the humiliations to which these living beings were faced.


It is a company with a variety of products ranging from skin care even products for men, who see personal care as a part important in your daily life

 - Skin care

 You can find products such as creams, tonics, gels, masks, serums, micellar water, serums and even massagers, which are in accordance with your age, style of life, personal needs and skin type, in addition to helping you show off a much healthier and beautiful skin. 

- Make-up

 1. Face: foundations, concealers, blushes, highlighters, pressed powder and powders loose, are the products that you will find in this section to show off extraordinary.

PRODUCTS mary kay

2. Lips: within this line we find glitter, lipsticks, moisturizers, masks and eyeliners 
3. Eyes: from shadows, eyeliners, eyelashes, pencils and bases for shadows can be meet
4. Accessories: such as brushes, sponges, makeup fixers, brush cleaners and even travel suitcase for your makeup arrive intact wherever you go.

- Body care

Mary Kay has products for the care and protection of the skin of all your body. This section includes shower gel, lotions, body firming, hand soap, hand creams and sunscreen.

products mary kay

- Fragrances

The feminine fragrances with floral scent notes, sweet and citrus fruit trees, woody, provide endless of sensations and feelings when we decide use them, each of them reflects personalities very different, but they represent each type very well of a woman like that fighter, worker and businesswoman or that feminine girl, sweet and tender, and even those who prefer peaceful surroundings and quiet.

The feminine fragrances

- Men

And how could it be missing, the line of men. Complete, unique and comparable, which gives them not only care but also cleanliness, freshness, hydration, protection and brings out the best of each one. Within the products designed for them there are moisturizing lotions, aftershave gel, facial cleansers, face masks and lotions.

men mary kay

Also within this section are find lotions with notes woody and citrus for men modern, which not only highlight its confidence but his masculinity. If for the opposite is one of those who decides choose between being sophisticated, authentic and elegant there are fragrances for you with woody olfactory families oriental and aromatic that reflect your good taste.

products men mary kay

¿And how to be a Mary Kay beauty consultant?

And how to be a Mary Kay beauty consultant

Well, although it seems somewhat complex, it is actually very simple and easy, just you need to follow the following steps: 1. You should look for a beauty consultant, who is already working independently for the company, to guide your process of registration and start. 2. You must purchase the starter kit in addition to promotions and special discounts for being new to the company. 3. And voila, now you only have to sell the products and make other people also sign up as beauty consultants to keep getting Benefits.

the more sales you have and make that many more people know integrate, older will make your earnings, in addition to climbing within the categories that exist in the company. Don't forget that it's never too late to start your own business and entrepreneurship, age never must be a limiting factor so that achieve your dreams and achieve everything what you have proposed in the life. If you are already part of this company whose ideal has always been to make shine the virtues of women and help them in their economic independence, tell us your experience, tell us about the products, which are the ones that you most would you recommend and why, as well as the work environment and earnings you have obtained.

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